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We had the pleasure of collaborating with NAIL, on a new campaign for RI Tourism. The concept they presented to us was simply called FUN SIZED.

So we developed a treatment that focused on a variety of tiny moments, found within our tiny state, and delivered in a tiny amount of time.


We spent a few weeks in Lakeland, FL creating a series of branded content videos for Publix Supermarkets.  This campaign focused on the Milestones people face + the stories and life moments that go along with them.



The first spot was called "TOGETHER" and was filmed on location in Ireland.  We did a casting out of Boston for our lead role, and then sourced extra's locally.  This was an epic two day shoot, chasing light and pints of Guinness.


The second spot was called "SOMEDAY" and is the story of a boy growing up on a farm in the midwest.  In order to keep costs down, we did a very thorough scout...and were able to film all farm scenes right here in Rhode Island.


Our goal for this campaign, was to create a wide range of content, that is DIFFERENT than your typical hospital commercial.  

We wanted to  capture real life moments, that people could truly relate to.  

So we set out on a huge scavenger hunt to capture LIFE, in it’s most simplistic form.


We accomplished this with NO ACTORS, NO LIGHTING, NO PROPS, NO WARDROBE.  

Simply real people, in real moments.


Newport Restaurant approached us, and asked if we could showcase their many restaurants, focusing on two main elements. Front of House + Back of House.