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we make videos. gnarly ones.

a gnarly bay mini project featuring Thomas Deininger


Early in 2019, we were searching for stories about interesting people in our area so that we could create some client-free creative profiles in our down time. Thanks to the infinite scroll of twitter, we were turned on to the work of this amazing artist named Thomas Deininger. It was actually a random tweet from the actor that plays Boba Fett in the Star Wars prequels that claimed Tom was one of the most inspiring creators he had come across lately. We were intrigued by the amazing artwork in the low quality GIF that he posted, and then, following the internet rabbit hole, we realized that he was from RI. His studio was less than an hour everything in Rhode Island is, so our producer Kyle King made contact. Tom welcomed us into his world and shared his perspectives on some big themes and how his anxieties and fears about human consumption and plastic waste create the foundation of his medium for artistic expression.

**parental advisory…there are a few swears/disparaging remarks towards humanity…so please proceed with caution***

Director: gnarly bay
Producer: Kyle King
DP: Tyler Murgo and Jordan Ingram
AC/DIT/Audio: Jack Ieronimo
Edit: Jordan Ingram
Post Supervision: Dan Riordan and Dana Saint
Sound Design/Mix: Jared Blizzard and Jordan Ingram
Executive Producers: Dan Riordan and Dana Saint



Tom’s art has so many layers of social commentary and with a super futuristic macro probe lens we were able to enter these microcosmic hot-glued havens of hedonism in order to confront this perverse plastic waste challenge that humanity *us included* needs to stop ignoring. Here are some glimpses at the process for capturing these extreme closeups with the Laowa 24mm Probe.