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we make videos. gnarly ones.

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Film + deliver a variety social media content, featuring Puma’s Track & Field athletes, highlighting the Hybrid NX shoe.





Using a MIXED MEDIUM approach, we will capture a wide range of content for athletes to post on their personal Instagram accounts.

C E L L P H O N E + D S L R + 3 6 0 + C I N E M A T I C

Everything from fun, off the cuff selfies to high intensity workouts, we will follow the athletes throughout their day and capture their unique personalities in different formats. Cell phone selfies, 360 degree cameras mounted to exercise machines, and high speed frame rates will give a unique variety to the content we are collecting. This way the footage will have a user generated feel, but could be used in other campaigns as well.



We realize that hiring crews to capture content is an investment. So we want to make sure all content captured has potential for a future use down the road. With that said, we think Puma’s Instagram Stories is a great place for this content to end up. After the athletes post to their own pages, we can create a variety of high energy edits, for Puma directly.

We wanted to see the potential for ourselves, so we created a rough animatic, using some footage we shot at the NFL combine.



Spend as much time with each athlete and capture the following:


• 360 cam selfie stick - touring facility + mounted exercises

• cell phone selfie - product review + workout updates

• DSLR high intensity - organic workout moments

• High frame rate - cinematic close up shoe performance

• Off the cuff interviews - personal comments on training + hopes for the future