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For thousands of years, outrigger canoes have been a part of diverse cultures and people around the world. (People) of water follows the story of Rob Prechtl, a member of the US Men’s Raft team, as they embark on a journey to learn the craft of outrigger paddling.


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A few years back, we were commissioned by CHACOS to document the Mens US Raft team attempt to break the speed record down the Grand Canyon. Over the course of an entire year, we documented the team as they trained, built a boat, and attempted to raft 277 miles in 34 hours.

It didn’t take long before the team was in search of the next challenge. They quickly set their sites on Outrigger canoeing and set off on a new mission, The Na’Pali Challenge.

The Na’Pali Challenge is a 40 mile race along the northwest coast of Kauai

Below is a series of videos following the team as they learn this new form of paddling from Colorado, and eventually make it to the ocean off the coast of Kauai.