We dedicate time every year to creating our own passion projects.  Something that FEEDS OUR OWN CREATIVE ENERGY, and quite simply, puts a positive vibe out to the world.  

This helps us grow as filmmakers...and helps to remind us WHY WE DO WHAT WE DO.


SAND IN THE SKY is a travel film seen through the eyes of a child.  Little Oliver was 8 months old when he traveled to Hawaii.  Exactly 1 year later, we sat him down and "interviewed" him about his trip.  By this time, his memories had already faded to a dream-like state, so we wrote a script that reflected that. 

In January 2017, the USA Men’s Rafting Team set their sights on making history by attempting to break a legendary speed record down 277 miles of the Colorado River through the Grand Canyon. Their goal was 34 hours. 34 hours…straight. 

Throughout 2016, we sporadically followed these scrappy, determined guys on their quest…training hard, designing their custom boat, and gaining perspective on what it means to attempt something extraordinary on one of the world’s most breathtaking stages.


SPACE is a travel film.  It is also a reminder (to ourselves) that this strange, unique wilderness is ours for now...and each day the lights turn on.


As friends begin getting married and having kids, we find new forms of inspiration.  These are merely observations, of this new chapter in life.



Wayne, Maine is a magical place. There is no TV, no internet, no emails, and no stress. It's a simple reminder of the simple life, and all that we should be grateful for.

Our friend Forest Woodward is an amazing photographer.  his FATHER, Doug Woodward, was a pioneer of kayaking and rafting.  In 1970, Doug drove a bus full of explorer scouts cross-country from Delaware to complete a rafting/kayaking journey snaking through the Grand Canyon down the Colorado river. 44 years later, as Forest watched his dad age quickly and lose his sense of adventure, he challenged him to do the same trip.  28 days in the Grand Canyon.  Using a mix of old 16mm footage and new footage, we document the special bond of father and son while exploring the necessity of returning to “The Important Places” in our lives.

Rambo Day was on July 26, 2014.

Dana Saint was getting married in August…so, we all got together to pay tribute to him with an elaborate, surprise bachelor party. It was an amazing day that we’ll never forget…so, we hope you enjoy our attempt to turn Dana into an action hero for a day.

We had the opportunity to collaborate with a good friend of ours, Sarah Ann DiNardo...and create a video exploring her thought process behind doing what she loves. She is an incredibly talented artist, who creates very unique artwork that we have never seen before. So we were excited to document her creative process, and capture it on film.

A close friend of Gnarly Bay, Mr Colin Bennett was about to get married...so we called in a team of madmen to create a bachelor party like no other. Dana Saint, Dan Riordan, Brian Rosso, Josh Behan, Ethan Vincze, and Matt Behan spent many weeks creating a day of events that he would never forget. We documented it as best we could so others could enjoy the experience.