G     N     A     R     L     Y          T     R     E     A     T     M     E     N     T


The video starts with footage of a sumatran palm farm.  Using a combination of interview audio, intriguing music, and stylized footage…we could bring the audience up to speed quickly with an overview of the issue…and then, with a few quick cuts we could juxtapose a row of palm trees with a suburban cul-de-sac…then, a classic downtown main street USA.  We’d shoot newspaper articles…and cut to tv news clips on a fuzzy TV in the corner of a quaint coffee shop.  Maybe we could even use coffee related visuals to simplify the details of the initiative. For example:  drawings on napkins, ven diagrams using coffee stains, coffee beans counting out statistics, etc.  Maybe not.

Then, we would introduce our activist...and Unilever CEO…and let them sit down for coffee and/or breakfast at a countertop or a booth…and as they sip their coffee…they can discuss their different perspectives on the issue.

The style of the coffee shop convo would be captured in a very natural way…and we could use creative cutaways throughout to emphasize different points…and we could also supplement the conversation with a confessional, straight-to-camera interview with each to fill in some of the holes of their point-of-view.


ACTIVITY:  FIND A COMMON INTEREST THAT THEY HAVE...and let them BAKE A PIE or PLAY A GAME OF BASKETBALL or Go FISHING...and let it be the catalyst for a conversation.