G     N     A     R     L     Y          T     R     E     A     T     M     E     N     T


Working closely with Travel & Leisure and the team at Halekulani, we will develop a script that explores the emotional, and inspirational experience of a guest at Halekulani.  

We have written a rough script, and recorded a scratch track to see the potential in this concept.  This is not a final script...simply a place to start.

We aim to develop (3) scripts that revolve around our concept "The absence of time" but are all slightly different in nature.  Each video will focus on a specific guest experience and will open and close with a specific object.  This object will be a catalyst that will take our audience through a specific guest experience.  The ticking of a clock, a fresh pineapple, or a single breath are all potential objects that will open and close our video. 


These videos will be guided by voice over, heightened sound fx, and emotional music.  Using the latest in camera technology, we plan to film these videos with an extremely cinematic style...so our audience will get lost in the visuals, and inspired by the words.  So when the video is over, they want nothing more than to experience Halekulani for themselves.