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we make videos. gnarly ones.
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a gnarly bay treatment

Proposal for Full Service video and photo production for the 2019 Miami Land advertisement creative for Miami Tourism

  1. Gnarly Bay and director Dana Saint

  2. Execution

  3. Teaser Animatic

  4. The Reveal

  5. Additional Notes

  6. Project Overview


Gnarly Bay makes videos…gnarly ones. We are a team of ambitious filmmakers that strive to make videos that evoke human emotion, inspire, and make you pause for just a moment.

Gnarly Bay (along with cohorts and collaborators) conceptualize, shoot, edit, and deliver entertaining and engaging media for brands large and small. Providing support from concept to creation, they have helped produce many award-winning films over the years.


dana saint

I started creating films when i was 10 years old… and never stopped.


I have realized, through filmmaking, we have the ability to make people feel something. We can make them feel inspired…reflective…happy, and sad. We can make goose bumps cover their arms, and tears well up in their eyes. We can put positive messages out into the world that ripple across generations. That is what I search for in every film I make. A powerful emotional experience, that will make someone stop and think… just for a moment.

I put a huge amount of time and energy into my passion projects…

I want each film to feel just right, and I strive to add the same attention to detail into my commercial work. I feel every element of a film is equally important. Every single frame matters.

This is why a solid team is important, and what I love most about directing. I get to collaborate with every member of the team, from PAs to creative directors, to ensure the proper vision is brought to life.




FIRST - we need a thorough casting to find the best talent possible. Our main character is going to make or break this campaign.

SECOND - we need a local team, who has thorough knowledge about the area to get us to best possible the best possible times.

THIRD - we need a solid plan. This will involve a detailed animatic, so every possible question is answered before we set foot in the everglades. Our goal is to create the framework for the final edit before we hit record. This will allow our talent to be fully informed on what we are trying to accomplish. They will see the vibe, tone, and pacing of our spot so they have full context of what we are trying to capture.



Check out these animatic treatments based on 2 different interpretations of the creative brief…

An evolution of these animatics will have:

  1. Transitional we plan to specifically move through shots with fluidity. 

  2. Archival footage and location pics dropped in as place holders, so that we can hone in on creative decisions with the agency and the client will continue to have a clear picture of what we plan to capture. This keeps everyone on the same page, and keeps the client happy, every step of the way.

  3. inform the exact number of shots we need for our final we can brainstorm various ideas during pre-production. This is how we maximize our shoot days, and squeeze as much as possible into a single day.


Harold Bemis is our innovative, ambitious, and mysterious visionary who will explain the extensive planning for a new immersive theme park in Miami. Through the lens of a high-quality documentary, we learn that Harold is dreaming up something new...something different for people to enjoy. Something that takes the magic and charm of Fern Gully and weaves it into the immersive, interactive excitement of Westworld. 

We are creating a teaser. Or rather a short trailer for a documentary about the mysterious Harold Bemis that may or may not exist. It will feel real...and authentic.


  •  Harold is the subject of a cinematic documentary.

  •  Option 1:  A dynamic, flowing walk and talk interview in the teaser will allow a smoother transition to the reveal

  • Option 2:  we can do a combination of sit-down interview, and then lead towards Harold delivering the last line of the teaser in a cinematically epic verite style as he arrives at the spot where Miami Land will exist.



For the next phase of our campaign, we lift the curtain and reveal the truth behind our documentary. That Harold’s magical, immersive theme park existed all along. It is simply Miami’s Lands. 

Screen Shot 2019-08-27 at 5.09.15 PM.png

Harold engages directly with the camera (and camera crew), in a series of exciting, outdoor adventures. Here are some examples of characters breaking the fourth wall...but it will probably work better if we aim for an over-excited documentary subject...instead of a “spokesperson.” 

Nordnet - Transparent Banking

Esurance - Dennis Quade

Itv - Great characters - captain obvious

Sprite - Lebron

Bai - Justin Timberlake / Christopher Walken

Dos Equis - Most Interesting man

Allstate - Mayhem


  •  I think our “Reveal” video needs to have a documentary element to it.  His lines can be a combination of speaking directly to camera...but also speaking directly to the camera crew. So it always feels like a documentary subject...that just gets too excited and can’t help himself to look at the camera.

  • I think we need to tie any graphics / illustrations back to reality in the Reveal. So when we zoom out, we see that the drawings were really airboat schematics, or topography maps, or sunken ship drawings, or renders of Chickee Huts, etc. 

  • Anamorphic lenses could add an organic feel with a pleasingly cinematic look

  • Small footprint / nimble approach.  Medium crew for 2 principle days. Small crew for 3-5 b-roll days.

  • Maybe we consider casting a woman?


The interesting thing about characters breaking the fourth wall in it always seems to be men. In a quick google search, you will find a series of commercials, like the ones above, and they seem to have a male lead.

So maybe we re-think our character? Why not do something a bit different, and make our visionary a woman. Here is one spot I came across where it is a woman breaking the fourth wall...and it felt refreshing:

ITV - woman character

Maybe we could do the same for our character? 




SHOOT: Late October 2019

LOCATION: Florida - Everglades & Biscayne

SHOOT DAYS: 2 principal days, 5 B-Roll/activity days

DELIVERABLES: 13 Video Assets listed below + photography + 360 video

USAGE: 2 years - Web/ Social/ Industry/ PAID Web/ Digital - NO Broadcast rights


TEASER - Creative

(1) - :30 "Teaser "Video

(1) - :15 "teaser" LIft

(1) :06 - All grfx Teaser (grfx may be done in-house, tbd)


REVEAL - Creative

(1) :60-:90 "Reveal" Video

(1) :15 "Reveal" Lift


SUSTAIN - Creative

(2) :60 "Sustain" Videos (lifted from existing footage)

(6) :15 "Sustain" Videos of each activity


360 Video

1 for each location



Still at all locations


TOTAL VIDEOS: (13) video edits + (est. 12) Photography Stills of all locations + (est. 6) 360 Videos