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Our goal for this campaign was to capture a wide range of content that feels different than your typical Hospital commercial. We wanted it to feel real. Authentic. So instead of hiring actors, with carefully crafted wardrobe fittings, prop stylists, and art directed story boards. We simply followed real people, in their everyday lives.

We searched for small moments. The moments we often take for granted. To give our viewers a small meditative moment…to help them remember that having your health is a beautiful thing.

Client - Lifespan

Agency - NAIL

Director/DP - Dana Saint

Production - Dana Saint, Dan Riordan, Aaron Schurman, Kyle King

Post Production - Jordan Ingram, Jack Ieronimo, Jared Blizzard




We worked closely with our good friend Josh Behan, to capture high end photography for this campaign. Josh was the perfect partner to collaborate with on this project. We needed to exist with a wide range of people, and get them to relax and be comfortable with our presence. This can often be difficult with cameras hovering around, documenting your every move.

So a lot of time, it is the person behind the camera that makes or breaks a shoot. It’s how they communicate with the talent, casual conversation when needed, but then disappear into the background as moments arise. That is why we chose Josh for this campaign. He makes everyone feel comfortable, and completely at ease…and then captures bad ass images along the way.

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Our goal for the :15s was to create a tiny peaceful moment, that would stand out amongst the noisy, chaotic world of advertising. Something that was extremely simple and quiet. One small moment, that would allow our viewers to take a breath, and realize that even the simple moments are beautiful.

In order to do this, we forced ourselves to limit the amount of cuts for every :15. Less is more.