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we make videos. gnarly ones.


dana saint


I started creating films when i was 10 years old… and never stopped.


I have realized, through filmmaking, we have the ability to make people feel something. We can make them feel inspired…reflective…happy, and sad. We can make goose bumps cover their arms, and tears well up in their eyes. We can put positive messages out into the world that ripple across generations. That is what I search for in every film I make. A powerful emotional experience, that will make someone stop and think… just for a moment.




I put a huge amount of time and energy into my passion projects…


I want each film to feel just right, and I strive to add the same attention to detail into my commercial work. I feel every element of a film is equally important. Every single frame matters.

This is why a solid team is important, and what I love most about directing. I get to collaborate with every member of the team, from PAs to creative directors, to ensure the proper vision is brought to life.




 … and just a fun fact,

Im a huge fan of RAMBO :)