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It’s Why We Travel

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“Its Why We Travel”

For this campaign we were tasked with creating two spots based on the concept of why we all travel. Collette had worked closely with NAIL out of providence to develop two scripts. One script needed to be filmed on location in Ireland, and the other on a farm in the midwest. It was our job to bring these scripts to life, and add an emotional element that would connect with our viewers.


Client - Collette

Director - Dana Saint

DP - Shawn Tyler

Production - Dan Riordan, Colby Blanchet, Kyle King, Dan Kern

Post Production - Jordan Ingram


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For the second spot, we needed to tell a story of a young boy growing up on a farm. So in order to show the passage of time, we needed to cast (3) different actors, who all looked the same. We spent a lot of time comparing hair color, eye color, and body types in order to make it believable that all actors appeared as the same person.


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