We had the pleasure of collaborating with our favorite agency NAIL, on a new RI Tourism campaign. We came up with a concept that focused on a variety of tiny moments, found within our tiny state, and delivered in a tiny amount of time.


COLLETTE TRAVEL hired us for their latest campaign "WHY WE TRAVEL."  We were tasked with bringing to life concepts that were developed by NAIL out of Providence.


The first spot was called "TOGETHER" and was filmed on location in Ireland.  We did a casting out of Boston for our lead role, and then sourced extra's locally.  This was an epic two day shoot, chasing light and pints of Guinness.

The second spot was called "SOMEDAY" and is the story of a boy growing up on a farm in the midwest.  In order to keep costs down, we did a very thorough scout...and were able to film all farm scenes right here in Rhode Island.

We worked closely with an agency called NAIL to develop a campaign for Lifespan health system, that is different than your typical hospital commercial.  We wanted to  capture real life moments, that people could truly relate to.  So we set out on a huge scavenger hunt to capture a wide variety of moments.

 We accomplished this with NO ACTORS, NO LIGHTING, NO PROPS, NO WARDROBE.  

Just real people, in real moments.

SEE full campaign


We spent a few weeks in Lakeland, FL creating a series of branded content videos for Publix Supermarkets.  This campaign focused on the Milestones people face + the stories and life moments that go along with them.



Newport Restaurant approached us, and asked if we could showcase their many restaurants, focusing on two main elements. Front of House + Back of House.

SLACK is a team messaging APP, that brings all communication into one place.  They hired us to create a series of videos, highlighting companies who use their platform.  For this video, we spent a day in San Francisco with a team of engineers called rLoop.  They are collaborating with hundreds of people from all over the world to develop a new form of transportation called the Hyperloop.

GRATEFULNESS.ORG is global organization that provides educational programs and practices to inspire grateful living.  They commissioned us to create a video based off of words spoken by Brother David Steindl-Rast.  We donated our stock footage library to the cause, and created a very peaceful, and meditative video.

We spent two weeks traveling throughout the Galapagos Islands with Quasar Expeditions.  We were hired to capture the unique and beautiful wild life of these amazing islands...and also capture the experience one feels while exploring these islands on a live aboard yacht.  After experiencing this special part of the world first hand, we wrote a script that explores the memories we make throughout our lives.

Pro Mujer is a micro finance company, who hired us to document the story of Alejandra.  She lives in Nicaragua, and has worked closely with Pro Mujer for many years.  Over the years they have fought cancer together, raised a business community, and opened a hardware store.  We spent 5 days shooting on location to capture this beautiful story.


Gnarly Bay was hired by McCann-Erickson to direct their Verizon FiOS commercial.  This spot required about two weeks of pre production, and then a one day shoot in New Jersey.