Ollie is almost impossible to film. So when I set out with the concept to film a professional “interview” of Ollie speaking complete sentences about a dream he remembered. I knew it was going to be a challenge. The first challenge is that he can’t really speak yet. At 20 months, he can just about string 2 words together…at best. .

The second challenge, is that as soon as you pull out a phone or any camera, he runs over to see what’s on the screen. So in order to create the illusion of a sit down interview , I had to carve out a hole in a dresser (Thanks for the help Dad!), and hide the camera inside. This way he never knew we were actually filming him. .

We would then sit him down morning after morning, and try to get him talking / babbling in order to get some words that would work well with subtitles. Sometimes we got specific words…sometimes just sounds and fragments of baby talk. 
We also needed to put him in the same outfit each morning so all the different days would appear to be the same “interview.” We captured little bits here and there until we had enough usable dialogue to fill out our script. .

It was a fun, and interesting concept to try and pull off…almost like working with a foreign language. We hope people view it as just a slightly different way to create a travel film, and evoke some thoughts about the power of traveling and a child’s fading memory. .

Song: @marmosetmusic “A Question” By Michael Charles Smith